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We Know Custom Mapping

We offer Custom GIS Services to Real Estate Firms, HOA Management Companies, Law Firms, Unions, Government Agencies and the general public. If you find fascination with the world of custom made maps for personal or business purposes we can create something for you.

Excellence in GIS Services

Mapsynergy takes the guesswork out of complicated GeoData by creating custom made maps that are easy to understand and interact with. Bringing multiple data sets together to create something greater than the sum of it's parts is the cornerstone of Mapsynergy's philosophy and the driver of our efforts to improve the world around us through innovative GIS mapping services.

Typical Project Approach

  • Initial call or email exchange investigating GIS/map project needs. Topics to explore are as follows. 
  • What are the goals of the project? What data do you have? What data do you need? Do you have any examples that you would like to target? When is the project needed by? Overall a solid direction of where the project is going up front will keep development time and costs on target.
  • Data inspection and rounding out of the client needs are investigated next. This can lead to additional questions on the project. After questions are answered and everyone is headed in the same direction the project starts.
  • Initial project design begins. This involves data scrubbing and converting to become GeoData that is ready for map creation and location analysis. Once completed a draft is sent to the client looking for feedback on a successful chosen path. If adjustments are needed for the project they are made at this time.
  • Final product delivered to client. If additional client changes are needed the process can go through additional revisions until complete. 

GeoData Specialists

What exactly is GeoData? GeoData is any dataset that has location in it or can be associated with. An excel file with employee address information. A database with zip codes and the resulting subscriber population. Submarkets that have total SF information. A legal description filled with meets and bounds calls. All can be associated with a resulting location on the earth hence the name GeoData. We are experts in GeoData because we find that all good map products rely on having solid data behind them.

All maps are data driven. It’s hidden from most people in the background or is assumed to be there but we all rely upon it. We spend the majority of our time focused on this hidden side of map making since it drives everything in the resulting product.

We find that the majority of complex GIS projects fail because a lack of understanding for the underlying data was never talked about early. It is to your advantage in having a GeoData expert help you through your data to get the best end result for your project. 

Your GIS Partner

Mapping needs fluctuate, grow and evolve in ways you might be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a mapping success story.

Quick Project Turns

Our typical map turn times are next business day. If you need a custom project from the ground up we will give you an estimate that will meet your expectations. Typically timing is no more than a day or two. It all depends on the story of what you are trying to accomplish with the data sources you currently have.

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