Custom Maps and Case Studies

Mapsynergy's case studies, show a brief cross selection of our ongoing and completed GIS map projects. We are continually updating our map examples of custom GIS maps as we expand into new areas with new clients. While it can be a challenge to show a dynamic cross section of our work in these brief map examples we hope this gets your imagination going. Everything is customized for your client needs. We help you create custom maps for your clients.

Case Studies 1

Employee Drivetime Analysis

Employee Drivetime Analysis

An office tenant needed to know where their employees were located to help in the site section process of a new office. The customer supplied employee locations with a preference of what time of day to run the drivetimes on. We then created the areas and totaled up drivetimes for each site relative to each employee.

Aerial with Retail Logos

Aerial with Retail Logos

Showcasing a site helps if you know what's around it. We created a neighborhood aerial showing current imagery, labeled streets, traffic counts (if available), surrounding retail tenant logos and the target site location. All helped to effectively market the site for the client.

GeoData Target Areas

GeoData Target Areas

A customer needed to show store locations combined with targeted demographic GeoData. Showing multiple custom datasets in one map helped the customer know where potential opportunities were and could quickly move to capitalize on them.

Customer Locations

Customer Locations Maps

Giving location to bulk lists is a popular request. A customer supplied locations of their clients from excel and we overlaid them on custom street map. This helped the customer find out where their clients were coming from and could better position in the market.

Ownership Overlay

Ownership Overlay Maps

One customer who is a land developer needed to find out all ownership in a certain area. We acquired parcel ownership from the local county overlaid it on current aerial imagery for a detailed overall picture for target acquisitions.

Site Selection Analysis

Site Selection Analysis

A Union needed to know where to place voting locations based on membership. We placed store locations with drivetimes and distance rings, then grouped locations by a capped number of members. Based on the groupings we selected target locations that optimized their resources.

Case Studies 2

Zip Code Analysis

Zip Code Analysis Maps

Analyzing locations based on a standardized Zip Code level is common. We received customer location data in excel and displayed the densities of each zip by color and noted associated labels on top, all overlaid on a custom base map.

Competing Properties

Competing Properties Maps

In Commercial Real Estate showing retail tenant locations is important. We compiled current retail tenant locations and included target distance rings. Then we added a legend with total store counts for an overall market view over an aerial base map.

Plotting Legal Descriptions

Plotting Legal Descriptions Maps

In real property legal cases you need to know what's in the recorded documents. Legal descriptions recorded over time can be different areas or called by different surveyors. The best way to see what the differences are is plotting them all together. We have completed this for several cases with a successful case result

Web Maps

Web Maps

Some customers need the flexibility of interacting with many Geodatasets at once. We use straight forward easy to use webmaps to accomplish this task. Mobile ready webmaps give you the power and flexibility to get a deeper look at your data from your desktop or on your mobile.

Advertising Optimization

Advertising Optimization Maps

Advertising agencies have clients that want to place ads where their customers are. Comparing customer locations in relation to advertising distribution routes is the best way to get maximum return on investment. Overlay the target locations with market potential and you have a complete picture.

Custom Street Maps

Custom Street Maps

Some Customers want a custom look for a downtown area. We designed a streetmap based on building type and a client marketing color scheme resulting in a high level of detail for their marketing efforts. This is best used for closer in areas that require extra detail.

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